Little Injured Puppy Won’t Allow Rescuers to Help But Finally True Love Is Happened


As you knew many stray dogs in Thailand were spent life in bad condition in the garbage pile, in the wood that facing hundreds of risks.

Rescuers have mission to rescue the stray dogs that lived on the garbage pile but they have heard a little puppy screaming from the wood loudly seemed it needs someone for help.

It’s very shocking they found that poor puppy dragged into wood with his injured leg won’t allowed them to get close to him because he was so scared.

Rescuers tried to get close to him slowly, finally he has been saved but they discovered his leg was bitten by big dogs.

Fortunately, the wound is not severely infected and the swollen is not spread. After few days he’s starting better and tried to stand and move slowly.

He will be full recover soon and able to walk again as normal. And now he’s getting warmest love from Oranuch Nuch Banyam who rescued him since the first time and she will care him to grow up in good health and happy life.

Courtesy: Oranuch Nuch Banyam

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