Open Letter to my Dogs on National Puppy Day


Dear Zeus and Sedona,

I was lost before you came into my life. More abandoned in my thoughts and emotions than you two in the middle of the desert. Timing is everything.
You two saved me, more than I saved you that day. Maybe that’s why we were brought together. My appreciation for life and constant happiness starts and ends with you. We have seen mountains, canyons and endless sunsets together that I never would have thought possible. Zeus, the pup I always wanted. you taught me it’s always a good time to play. What it means to be a protector. And to always have a smile, no matter what. Sedona, my little princess. you’ve shown me what it means to love unconditionally and that everything is made better with a belly rub.
On National Puppy Day I wanted to thank you for rescuing me. Because every day with you is an adventure!

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