PUPPIES!!! Emergency Rescue from Alabama


On November 1st, 2017 in Mobile, Alabama, a total of 23 dogs, mostly young puppies, were scheduled to be euthanized because there was no more room in area animal shelters. 3 of these dogs are mothers, and the others are their babies (puppies under 4 weeks old). On Thursday, November 2nd 2017 at 6am, pilots Peyton Lindbloom and Dan Weecks piloted a plane from Scottsdale, AZ and provided rescue transport to save all of these animal’s lives. The trip was funded entirely by Dan Weecks with primary contributions from Peyton Lindbloom, Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue, Third Coast Animal Rescue, and a handful of private donors.

**** To donate and help support future rescue missions, visit www.danweecks.com/operation-puppy-rescue.

The Third Coast Animal Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit in Mobile, Alabama, had the dogs temporarily boarded and prepared them for transportation. Ground support in Mobile, Alabama will be provided by volunteers of Third Coast. Jenn Harper provided Dan & Peyton with transportation. Two complimentary hotel suites were provided by Best Western hotels. The dogs were flown on the morning of 11/3/17 from Mobile, AL to Scottsdale, AZ at which time they were transferred safely to shelter at Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue by volunteers from FYH.

While this was a career first for Peyton, this isn’t the first puppy rescue Dan has flown. In October, 2017 Dan co-piloted a rescue mission to Page, Arizona and saved 9 puppies.

What does it take to execute this rescue flight?

Renting a plane for an 18 hour cross-country round trip, paying for fuel, additional landing and service fees at airports (for potty breaks and fuel stops), food and toys to keep the dogs calm during transport, and on-site medical services (if required) doesn’t come cheap. The total cost for the rescue mission was ,901.51, all of which Dan Weecks paid himself, except for the limited portion covered by donations received at followyourheartanimalrescue.org, or danweecks.com/operation-puppy-rescue.

Without this last-minute flight, the 23 innocent puppies and their mothers would have been euthanized due to space restrictions at local shelters, but now have a chance to live long, happy, and healthy lives.

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