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Many people get puppies and bring them into the home where there is an existing cat.

Under these circumstances it’s important to realize that a cat with claws can take a pups eye out in an instant. So if your cat has claws you need to be more concerned for your 8-week-old pup than for your cat.

Follow the same steps with the dog crate. In this case, it teaches the cat that the dog is now a family member. If I have a pup with a lot of prey drive I will get a puppy prong collar and let him drag a line in the house.

If he gets into trouble or tries to chase the cat I will correct him. It does not take many corrections to teach the dog that “NO” means “NO.” It’s very important to show the pup a lot of love after these experiences. He has to see that you do not hold any grudges and that you are still his best friend. So if you have to correct, then give ten times the cuddling after the correction.

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