RimWorld Alpha 14 – Ep. 16 – Puppy Dogs! – Let’s Play RimWorld Gameplay


Welcome to RimWorld Alpha 14. In Part 12 of our vanilla RimWorld Alpha 14, we get some dogs to join us! Let’s tame them up, or eat them!
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RimWorld Alpha 14 is here! This update has a lot of really good changes to the base RimWorld game, here are some of it’s features:

Scenario system

►New scenario system allows you to choose, randomize, and customize special situations to play in. Determine starting situation, your type of community (tribe, colony), permanent map conditions, starting items, animals, health conditions, and traits, and change special rules.
►Several built-in scenarios, including one matching the classic RimWorld experience, are included.
►You can randomize new scenarios.
►You can customize scenarios with a special interface that allows creation of any scenario you like.
►Scenarios can be uploaded to or grabbed from Steam Workshop with a single click.

Pawn overlapping

►Pawns can no longer overlap during melee combat (unless they’re really small). No more animal deathstacks! This also creates new tactics around blocking, surrounding, or back-line shooters. We had to write a bunch of AI and blocking code to make this function.


►Raiders can now enter “steal” mode if they see enough value. They’ll grab your stuff and carry it off.
►Kidnapping raiders now work together much better to kidnap. Instead of everyone fleeing at once, some will kidnap while others cover them.
►AI dressing algorithm is now better at making outfits to withstand cold temperatures. If there is no way to make a survivable outfit, pawns won’t arrive at all. No more raids arriving and keeling over in -60C weather.

Exploits and Interface

►Added a row of colonist icons along the top of the screen, with various status info.
►Traders, visitors, raiders, kidnappers, animals, etc will now escape if surrounded by walls with no way out.

View the rest of the patch notes here:

Alpha 14 preview

Check out the Developer Update Video:

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If you would like to download Rimworld, check out these links:

RimWorld’s Official Website: http://rimworldgame.com/

RimWorld Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/294100/

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