She left, and then she returned into my life the very next day. I’m so thankful for this opportunity and second chance to show Sadie how loved she truly is.

You should have seen her little stressed out face as she got out of my friends car and into my arms. She looked thoroughly concerned, heartbroken, and confused. I knew right then I was doing an awesome job as her owner and all she wanted to do was come home.

Thank you Sarai for calling me and informing me that things didn’t work out with Sadie and your family. I know it took some courage and it definitely wasn’t an easy thing to do. No worries, things worked out for the better. I hope you find a puppy for your daughter sometime soon. There’s no greater love than the love of a dog.

Music by:
Song 1) Jingle Punks: “Casbah Towers”
Song 2) Jingle Punks: “Third Time”
Song 3) Jingle Punks: “Good Starts”

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