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This is the story of a dog named Jarrod and a squatter named Tim. It is actually a story within the story of Miss Mayfield, the elusive puppy whose tale has yet to be told. After failing to trap Miss Mayfield on Saturday, prolific dog rescuer, Lori Briggs, who you may recall rescued Gabriella and Troy, (see their story here: set the trap again on Sunday morning.

Lori hadn’t driven very far before she came upon a very friendly black and white pit, now named Jarrod.

By the time I caught up with them, Jarrod was fast friends with Lori; jumping on her to get her attention, playing, trying to get in her car, showing that he could sit and shake for food. It certainly appeared that at some point this dog had been owned and trained to a degree. He was not wearing a collar though, and was not near any homes that might be his; he was merely roaming the streets.

Jarrod had some scars, some mange and was a bit scraped up, but he could have been worse off. Had this dog been owned and let go? Was he lost? Did his family move? We had no way of knowing. We did know however, that he loved attention!

Enter Tim. Tim was walking on the other side of a busy street and when Lori asked if he knew this dog, though he said no, he came over to talk with us. Jarrod was very friendly with Tim as well, and Tim returned the favor. Lori inquired as to whether Tim had ever seen this dog in his neighborhood but he had not.

It’s 9:30am and Lori had no place to put Jarrod, nor a way to keep him until a rescue could come as she was not staying in the area. Because it seemed to be the only option available and because of Tim’s affection for Jarrod, Lori asked if he would be willing to help this stray dog and house him for a little while during which time we would try to secure a rescue to come and get him. It turned out that Tim was squatting in a house just a couple of blocks away.

Though the house was abandoned, it still had all doors in working order and could contain Jarrod safely for a time. Tim agreed a little reluctantly and after asking for a couple of bucks, walked Jarrod back to his house a couple blocks away. We exchanged phone numbers with Tim so that we could stay in touch with updates.

We really didn’t find out too much about Tim’s circumstances or how he ended up squatting in a house in a not so nice area of Detroit, but we did know that he had the heart to want to help this dog, even if for just a short time. He didn’t have a job but walked off to “find work” and we did give him a few dollars for his trouble along with a charger block he could borrow with which to charge his phone.

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