Wet, Wagging, and Wonderful: Puppy Splash Park


Video description for our community of people with vision loss: This video was shot outside of our Puppy Academy within a fenced water play area called the Puppy Splash Park. The splash park structures are shown throughout the video and appear as bright blue and lime green tubular metal figures, shaped to appear like stick-figure dogs. Water sprays from these shapes and up from small fountains in the concrete. The video is filmed from the puppy-eye-level point of view, with rapid, high-energy transitions showing different views of puppies frolicking in water play. The video opens with a shot of five water spouts spraying from the underside of a blue tubular dog. The fence gate opens and three yellow Labrador puppies run inside. A black Lab puppy follows and runs toward the camera, which captures a close-up of its face. A yellow Lab approaches a ground spout, then the camera pans to more yellow puppies running under blue figures. Some close-ups of three yellow puppies follow, then a side view of a puppy drinking water from the down-spout under a blue tubular figure. Suddenly, about five puppies are in view and one jumps into the camera, appearing to jump into the viewers face, his wet black nose very close. A yellow Lab with a purple collar plays in an upward spraying spout and rubs his ear with his paw. Now two puppies appear as showers rain down on them from a spout out of camera view. A close up shows a yellow puppy’s face following the camera as the camera backs up. Next a yellow puppy tail wags over a very wet cement surface. A yellow puppy takes a drink in front of the green tubular figure. More camera close-ups follow of a jumping yellow puppy. A puppy in an orange collar shakes the water off. Two black puppies approach an upward spraying spout, as two blue-shirted staff members watch in the background. Four puppies run around on wet cement. A single pup with a red collar shakes its head beneath a gentle spray. The Southeastern Guide Dogs logo appears.

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