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About You’re My Pet – Kimi Wa Petto (きみはペット):
What would other people do in the situation? Sumire Iwaya (Noriko Iriyama) is a well educated, successful journalist who has a string of misfortunes.

Sumire graduated from Tokyo University and Harvard and works as an editor for a renowned newspaper. But her fiancé dumps her because he becomes tired of living under the shadow of her greater achievements. Then, Sumire fights off the advances of her drunk boss and gets demoted at work.

After the series of bad events, Sumire comes home one day to find a homeless young man, Takeshi Goda (Jun Shison), in a cardboard box outside her apartment. Takeshi resembles Sumire’s beloved former dog, Momo, and she has a strong desire to take Takeshi in as a pet.

What will become of this strange new relationship between a woman and her human pet?

“Kimi Wa Petto” is a 2017 Japanese drama series directed by Izuru Kumasaka. It is based on the manga “Kimi Wa Petto” written by Yayoi Ogawa. Two previous adaptations of the manga originally aired in 2003 and 2011.

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You’re My Pet – EP3 | Grumpy Puppy [Eng Sub]

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